Essay Writing: What is love?

What's the real love?By my side there are many couples. Some are lovers, some have been married.

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- You just type new words and see their meaning.

They are my best friends. I still remember the day they became lovers from friends. The boy said, "I feel I'm in love with you already. In my eyes you are so perfect, and you're a good girl. So..." In the fairy tales, the "prince" and the "princess" lived happily ever after. However, the real life is always different. There are many problems in front of them: quarrel, jealousy, trust and so on, just like the other couples. With the understanding of each other, they know the "perfect" is not exist. But the real love is: Although you have known he or she has many shortcomings. You still choice and love him or her.

They remind me of my parents. They have lived together for 25 years. My dad is bad tempered, and is not good at expressing emotion. I have never heard him say love to my mom. When they are in disagreement my mom make concessions first. To be honest, I don't understand why my mom could tolerate my dad all the time. Until my mom was ill, and I saw my dad's anxious look. I could know the meaning of this word, "In the world the perfect love is not exist, maybe you're not the best, but you're the one know me best, you're the one care about me most. So I love you.

There is a saying in China. To hold your hand., to grow old with you. I think it's the best explanation about love.