Essay Writing: Friendship

Jinghua - Chine
Today I want to talk about friendship. Everyone in the world, rich or poor, beautiful or ugly, definitely have one or two best friends, who share your happiness and sorrow, and will go together with you through the journey of life.

For me friendship is very important. Especially when I lived in Russia , just friends accompanied me all the way. I have to admit that our friendship is not so smooth, sometimes I am kind of willful, sometimes your words hurt my heart, but finally we always forgive and tolerate each other. Meanwhile, I will never feel lonely and face everything with courage, because I know you will by my side, forever and always.

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Friendship is a kind of treasure in our lives. Sometimes it's kind of like a bottle of a wine, with time elapsing it spreads sweetness, sometimes it's like a diamond, despite through of time, it's still shining in the dark.

The world is so big, everyday we meet so many people, just you know me best and you care me as treasure. If you couldn't be my friend, who can? As a word in my favorite book《Charlotte's web》,you've been my friend, that in itself is a tremendous thing.