Enlgish At Work: Room 301

Episode 8: Room 301

After Tom’s embarrassing mess-up of orders and visits from angry clients, the boss is not pleased. He calls Tom and Anna into Room 301 – the place where difficult conversations take place.

Giving praise

This week's programme focuses on useful language for giving praise.

Phrases from the programme:

Well done.

You were in a difficult situation and you handled it well.

Great job. I'm really impressed.

Listening Challenge

In which country is the big boss of Tip Top Trading based?

The answer is at the end of the pdf transcript.

Room 301

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Paul: Good afternoon.

Anna & Tom: Hi, good afternoon.

Paul: Anna, Tom, room 301 please. Now.

Narrator: Welcome back to Tip Top Trading, where things are a teeny bit tense today. Paul has called Tom and Anna into room 301, the place where difficult conversations happen. Perhaps Paul has found out about yesterday's unhappy clients.

Anna: Oh dear.

Narrator: You should be okay Anna. After the way you coped with Mr Lime, you should be praised.

Anna: Really? What do you think Paul will say?

Narrator: Well, if he is pleased, he'll say things like: Well done. You handled it well. Great job. I'm really impressed.

Anna: And if he's not?

Narrator: Well, I suppose – oop. Here’s Paul now!

Paul: Well, Tom, Anna... Yesterday was not a great day. Two clients came in with serious complaints. Mrs Kumquat received a delivery of imitation bananas that were purple, not very convincing. And Mr Lime ordered grapefruits, but got pineapples. Tom.

Tom: Yes.

Paul: Were you responsible for these errors?

Tom: Well... yes, but…

Paul: Look, mistakes happen. But it seems that Mrs Kumquat left our offices even angrier than when she came in and she says she will never use Tip Top Trading again.

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